Information Technology for GIS- 3 credits. Study of servers, networks, system administration, object-relational database design, ArcGIS Enterprise, AGOL, Portal, and web services. The course uses traditional lecture along with demonstrations and numerous hands-on exercises. Review the course syllabus.

Prerequisites: Principles of GIS (g4403 or g5503) or instructor approval.

While I am making PowerPoint presentations available these do not represent all class materials.

0-Introduction (PPT)
1-Understanding Networks (PPT)
2-Understanding Servers (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
3-System Administration (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
5-Understanding RDBMS (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
6-Enterprise Databases (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
7-Object Oriented Design/ORDBMS (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
8-ArcGIS Enterprise (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
9-ArcGIS Server Basics (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
10-Data Architecture/SSQL (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
11-AGOL Web Maps (PDF) (ZIP)
12-Data Science/Data Engineering (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
13-Cloud computing and GIS (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
15-Delivering Actionable Information (PPT) (PDF) (ZIP)
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