The Geopositioning Cooperative was formed as the result of a successful FGDC CAP project. The focus of the Cooperative is the realization of a multi-state control point database (MCPD) and deployment of a real-time network (RTN) of GNSS base stations for Idaho and Montana.

The Multi-State Control Point Database (MCPD) full featured web map application is being revised to leverage REST services and Adobe Flex technology. You may also wish to use MCPD Lite, which has been enabled for mobile devices. To submit your survey data to the MCPD project, simply follow these steps...

  1. Download the data entry XLS form
  2. Complete the form
  3. Submit the XLS via email to our data steward, MCPD data steward for review

If you have any questions please Contact the MCPD staff at ISU