Geotechnologies Internship (GEOL g481)

Enroll in the Geotechnologies Internship Program between ISU's GIS Training and Research Center and various agencies/offices in the region.

Prerequisites: Principles of GIS (geol 403/503 (or equivalent)), current ISU student status, permission and approval by an ISU faculty supervisor.

Steps to follow when pursuing an internship in the Geotechnologies:

  1. Contact the GIS Director, Keith T. Weber, at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of a new semester to learn about available internship opportunities.
  2. If you satisfy the academic pre-requisites and an internship opportunity is found that fits your objectives as well as the needs of the internship organization, you will be asked to formulate "internship program objectives" with your internship supervisor. It is at this point that we will be able to determine the number of credits available for your intership (1-3).
  3. Send your completed "Objectives statement" and "Internship Agreement" to the GIS Director and internship organization.
  4. Register in "Geotechnologies Internship" for the appropriate number of credits.
  5. During "Closed Week" at ISU, you will need to complete your "Internship evaluation" and have your supervisor complete his/her 2-page "Internship evaluation". Upon completion, send these forms to the GIS Director.
  6. Contact the GIS Director, Keith T. Weber, to ensure all submitted paperwork has been received. Note: some interships will require a final report or other documentation/data. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the "deliverables" listed in your "Objectives statement" are met prior to the end of the semester.