Raster Stacker v. 0.5. Allows the user to add or subtract bands from a selected raster layer to a target raster layer.


  1. From a pulldown menu, select the name of the polygon
  2. Before running the program, a target raster layer should have been selected.
  3. Click the “Select Input Raster” button and select an input raster file
  4. From the bands comprising the selected input raster file, select a band
  5. Click on “Add ->” to add that band to the target raster
  6. Selected bands on the target raster list can be deleted using the “Delete” button
  7. “Raster Extent” determines whether the target raster will, when saved, be the union of the comprising bands or the intersection area of those bands
  8. After a file name has been entered, click the “Save the Target Raster” to save the new target raster to the target raster directory.

Download this DLL (rasterstacker.zip 18 KB).