ISU Drill-Down v. 1.0. Determines the z-values of a raster at point coordinates.

The program consists of two independent parts: to create a random point file of points within a polygon and a drilldown to determine the raster z-values at point coordinates.

To Create Random Points File:

  1. Enter a value for the number of points to create
  2. Select a polygon file (only a single polygon allowed within the polygon file) to determine the boundary of the points created
  3. Enter a field name to create for z-value data storage
  4. Click "Create Random Points"

To Drill down to a Raster:

  1. Select the point layer file
  2. Select the raster layer into which you want to drill
  3. Enter a field name to store the drilldown values
  4. Click "Compute Drilldown"

Download this DLL ( 22KB)