Chance. How well did your classification perform? Understanding and quantifying error in any type of classification --be it discriminant function analysis or classification of remotely sensed imagery-- is extremely important. Chance software calculates the Kappa statistic, classification confidence intervals, and the Z-statistic. The software is quite simple to use and has proven useful to both myself and my students. For these reasons, I decided to make Chance available to anyone and everyone.

Prerequisites: Chance (version 1.0- Beta) was built using Visual Basic 6.0 (sp1) on a WinNT workstation and no opertational problems have been identified.

Download this software ( 2.5 MB).

Once you have downloaded the file, you must extract this file on your hard drive. Then, to run the setup application, simply double-click the setup icon and follow the on-screen directions. WinNT users should have administrator privileges to install this software.