Twitch software is used to assess and quantify twich reflex responses. It began as a curiosity regarding gamers. Specifically, what makes some gamers so good in first person shooters (FPS) games. The hypothesis is the best FPS gamers not only know the maps and have good network connections, but are flat-out faster than the other gamers. To determine if this is true, Twitch was invented and is made available here, for free. YOu can download it and install it on a Windows desktop computer and then test yourself. To participate in the Twitch test, send your output files back to us for comparison with other gamers.

Prerequisites: This software was built and testing using Windows Vista and Win7 computers. There is no support available for this software.

Download this software ( 1.8 MB)

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, you must extract this file on your hard drive. Then, to run the setup application, simply double-click the setup icon and follow the on-screen directions. Users should have administrator privileges to install this software.