The Landsat Image Services Archive (LISA) project will 1) develop NDVI image services from Landsat 5 TM imagery for all growing seasons (April 1-September 30) from 1984-2010 for path 39 row 30, 2) document the image service processing lineage and integrate the documentation into FGDC compliant geospatial metadata, 3) evaluate the reliability, performance, and acceptability of the image services, and 4) document the production of image services using white papers, web pages, and Macromedia flash video.
An existing archive of Landsat 5 TM data available at the ISU GIS TReC Spatial Library consisting of 50 scenes (path 39 row 30) acquired between 1988-2010. Each of these scenes has been corrected for atmospheric effects using Chavez' Cos(t) model using Idrisi's ATMOSC module. Additional Landsat 5 TM data will be downloaded from the USGS and corrected for atmospheric effects in the same way to ensure at least three NDVI layers are available for each growing season between 1984 and 2010. Each NDVI layer will be tested for accurate georectification using 2004 NAIP orthophotography (1 m x 1 m pixels) and coregistered to each other.
Imagery for Landsat 5 TM scene path 39 row 30 is important as the Big Desert (located within this scene) is considered one of the last few areas of remaining sagebrush-steppe habitat for many sagebrush-obligate species such as the Greater Sage Grouse.