The current LiDAR acquisitions planned for Idaho represent a significant advancement and investment by FEMA. The data created as a result of this acquisition will be significant and the state of Idaho as well as the Idaho LiDAR Consortium (ILC) need to be well prepared to ingest/accept these data. The data repository for the ILC is located on servers at Idaho State University's GIS Training and Research Center (ISU GIS TReC). The volume of data (approximately 50TB) to be collected and delivered will be made available through the GIS TReC's dedicated LiDAR server.

The Delivery, Outreach, and Services (DOS) project provides:

  1. Personnel to download, review, and prepare the delivered data (both raw LAS files and processed raster image layers). This process includes a byte check of data delivery, zipping/bundling of data into manageable download packages with meaningful names and metadata, review of image layers and conversion to a lossless GeoTIFF format as necessary.
  2. Personnel to upload and organize data on the dedicated LiDAR server.
  3. Outreach to the Idaho GIS and broader LiDAR user community to make these stakeholders aware of project progress and data availability.
  4. Outreach workshop/webinar where participants will learn how to access these data using Globus online large file transfer, locate data, download the data, and use these data within a GIS (e.g., ArcGIS Pro).
  5. An image service of processed bare earth image layers. This service reduces the need for some users to download data and instead offers a web image layer service that can be consumed inside ArcGIS.