The GIS TReC at Idaho State University would like the Historic Fires Database (HFD) to be as complete and comprehensive as possible. We realize it is not feasible to collect every fire that has ever burned as some wildfires are extinguished at such a small size (e.g., one acre of less) and never collected as a GIS polygon feature. In other cases records of a historic wildfire may have been lost over time. However, it is equally likely that some wildfires have been documented as a GIS polygon feature and yet not contained in the HFD. Thus, we are asking for your assistance to improve the HFD and make it more complete and more comprehensive.

If you have GIS data describing fire polygons with sufficient documentation (FIRE NAME and FIRE YEAR at a minimum) and you are sure these fires are not already contained in the HFD, please consider contriubting these data to this effort. To do this, you will need to prepare a ZIP file of these data and upload them to our contributions site.

To get started, review our data preparation instructions here. Then, click the contribute button below to upload your data.